Parts and Assembly

Torsion Spings:

Chemplast produces torsion springs in wire diameters from 0.1mm to 14.0mm diameter from small to very high volume. For those potential users of very high volumes where wire diameters are below about 1.6mm diameter then Chemplast have high speed torsion coilers designed and built to give you very competitive unit prices with a high product quality.

Torsion springs are stressed in bending or tensile, as some prefer to call it. There is often confusion with these springs, which are essentially a helically coiled body with some kind of leg end fixings.Read More

Compression Springs

Chemplast produces very broad range of compression springs in terms of both size and complexity of shape. We can coil them from wires as small as 0.1mm diameter up to 14.0mm diameter.

By far the most commonly used type of spring. In its simplest form it is possibly the most economic spring to use by virtue of the lower material content and the speed at which they can be produced versus the amount of energy it can store.Read More