As a leading manufacturer of custom fabricated and molded rubber, Chemplast, Inc. specializes in servicing the needs of the Electronics, Bio-Medical, Aerospace Food & Beverage, Imaging, and Automotive industries.

We produce rubber seals, vibration isolators, extended profiles, rubber bonding, gaskets, EMI/RFI materials, o-rings, bumpers, grommets and more.

Chemplast, Inc. also distributes plastic and rubber tubing, electronic and mechanical tapes and a multitude of shielding and thermal insulating materials for all applications.

Also we produce Molded nitrile, neoprene, EPDM, Silicone, Butyl & Vitron rubber gaskets, Diaphragm, O-Ring and Bushings, Extruded glass beading, profiles, sponge, hoses, rollers and tubings