As a leader in plastic injection molding, Chemplast possesses the knowledge and expertise to be successful manufacturing for Texas based companies. The Chemplast blog is a venue to share some of the knowledge Chemplast has acquired through its 35 plus years in the industry. We hope our posts can shed some light onto some of the industry practices and aid you on your quest through the world or plastic injection molding.

  • Posted on 07 May 2019
    Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chemplast, Inc. Receives 2019 Best of Stafford Award Stafford Award Program Honors the Achievement STAFFORD April 30, 2019 — Chemplast, Inc. has been selected…

  • Posted on 29 Mar 2019
    Introducing the newest addition to family of large ton presses here at Chemplast….. Our New 2100 Ton 268 oz Screw  

  • Posted on 14 Feb 2019
    Do you have a large part that needs to be run?  Having difficulty with your current molder?  Look no further than Chemplast for all you custom injection molding needs. …

  • Posted on 02 Jan 2019
    Chemplast had four steel silos constructed to eliminate the needs for storing large numbers of gaylords full of resin in our warehouse. The silos have a very deep cone to…

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