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Design & Development

With You From Start to Finish

Weather it is designing a new part or a concept with no drawing, Chemplast has to tools and experience to do the job.  Our design engineers and drafters can guide you through the process by creating a 3D/2D model and bring your idea to life.  We have experience in optimizing the manufacturability of existing parts, as well as prototyping new ideas with those same concepts in mind.

The Design Process

Designing parts for injection molding is task that involves many factors.  In addition to functional and structural issues, processing issues play a large role in the design of a molded part.  Chemplast has years of experience designing and manufacturing plastic injection molded parts, and can help you with your design.

The Product design and development takes place in different stages.  After Identifying the customer needs, we establish a target specification followed by a creation of a product concept. In the next stage we use feedback from the customer to make minor changes to the design and a final concept will be developed. In the following stage a functioning prototype can be developed and  manufacturing costs are determined.

At Chemplast, our goal is to create a design that is manufactureable and meets your expectations.  Choosing Chemplast to assist you in you product design, no matter what the stage, can assure that the part can be molded and manufactured with ease.