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Precision Tooling

High Quality Tooling

Chemplast provides the expertise to design and build molds that produce the desired product, but do it consistently over the life of the mold. Chemplast molds are made of high quality materials, ensuring the mold will last longer and require minimal service for optimal production.  Chemplast adheres to a zero defect policy when building precision tooling for our customers.

Design Engineering

Our engineers design the mold to achieve maximum efficiency and ensure ease of part manufacturing.  We provide our customers with a MoldFlow analysis and offer suggestions to reduce processing times and material costs.  A solid (3D) model is created for our customer to view before the mold begins construction and the details of the mold are explained.  Material shrinkage and tolerance requirements are considered and accounted for in every mold the Chemplast designs and builds.

The Chemplast Advantage

As a leader in plastic injection molding, Chemplast knows what it takes to design and build a high quality molds with tight tolerances. Once built Chemplast takes on full responsibility for maintaining and servicing the molds as required, alleviating any of our customers manufacturing concerns. Let Chemplast provide you a high quality, turnkey manufacturing solution, and be a part of your companies success.