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Quality Assurance

At Chemplast, we believe our commitment to high quality plastic injection molding is the foundation to our success.  Our high quality standards are also the reason industry leaders have entrusted Chemplast to manufacture their companies most challenging products.

Quality Systems at Chemplast

Chemplast is proud to manufacture all our products under a ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system (QMS) that is certified by DNV. Chemplast is committed to supplying products and services that fulfill the customer’s stated requirements and exceed their expectations.

As a family owned and operated company, Chemplast’s commitment to quality is made by all level of employees, from managment on down.  Quality is reinforced as an integral part of all employees’ day to day responsibilities. We believe our experienced and dedicated employees are the cornerstone for achieving and maintaining a high standard of quality throughout Chemplast.

It is Chemplast’s policy to always strive for continuous improvement of quality. Through our Continuous Improvment Program (CIP), Chemplast encourages everyone to take part in finding new ways to improve product and process quality.

Chemplast believes that quality in both products and services is what is most important to our customers success and ultimately most important to Chemplast’s success.

We tailor our inspection criteria based on customer requirements and specification. We work closely with all our customers to determine all critical characteristics to their injection molded part. Our Quality Control department is highly involved in all processes to ensure each product is made as per the customer specifications.

First Article Inspection / PPAP (Level 1-4)

In plastic injection molding having a process that is both reliable and repeatable is critical to our success. Chemplast has a First Article Inspection and/or PPAP (Level 1-4) process that ensures all manufacturing and secondary assembly is documented and approved prior to launching full scale production. Chemplast is able to meet/exceed our customer expectations through the use of the following:

  • FAI Dimensional Report by CMM
  • Process Cycle Sheet
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Control Plan
  • Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
  • QC Inspection Plan
  • Part Submission Warrant
  • Packaging Detail
  • Material Certificates
  • Work Station Layout

Traceability in All Processes

In many places that perform high volume injection molding traceability is often a major issue.  At Chemplast we believe it is essential that all our plastic injection molded parts are traceable.  Not only do we maintain traceability to our injection molding facility located just outside of Houston, Texas, but we can also trace the product back to the material batch used to produce it.  Each finished goods box is labeled the part number, revision number, operator name, date of production and time of production.

If ever a non-conforming part is discovered, due to the high level of traceability, Chemplast is able to effectively quarantine a production run based on the material batch, date of production, time of production, and/or operator at the machine.

Quality Control Equipment

In addition to the standard quality control equipment found in most QC labs, Chemplast takes it one step further with our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).  With the state of the art Zeiss Eclipse CMM, Chemplast is able provide our customers with a level of precision that is unmatched by competitors. Our investment in quality control, and commitment to produce quality injection molded parts are the cornerstones to our success.