Injection Molding Processing Technician

JOB TITLE: Injection Molding Process Technician

DEPARTMENT: Manufacturing

REPORTS TO: Production Manager

POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for setting up and operating automated injection molding machines, capable of making necessary adjustments and/or minor mechanical repairs to the machines and most auxiliary equipment in a efficient and safe manner.


Responsibility and authority as outlined in the Chemplast Quality Manual, Standard Operating Procedures, and all relevant Instruction manuals.

Performs quality control checks and helps maintain customer requirements according to specification in bottle weights and various dimensions such as wall thickness, flash, plastic distribution, concavity, convexity or crooked sections. Makes adjustments to correct and/or eliminate defects.

Functions within an ISO/Team environment effectively.

Perform programming of molding machines that produces plastic injected parts, including auxiliary equipment, etc.

Troubleshoot molding process issues (flash, short-shots, sinks, splay, etc)

Perform mold changes and set ups as required within scheduled mold change timeframes utilizing in-process and setup sheets.

Change-out/purge and maintain material as needed.

Coordinate mold set-up activities with production schedules to minimize downtime and maximize production efficiencies.

Troubleshoot mold problems, develop root cause and provide a quick permanent corrective action. Perform minor maintenance repair if needed.

Maintains various production and quality reports.

Performs preventative maintenance on machines and auxiliary equipment as assigned.

Observes all local and Company safety policies and procedures as well as housekeeping requirements.

The employee may be required to follow other job-related instructions and to perform other job-related duties as requested, subject to all applicable to all state and federal laws.


Associate’s degree in an Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Plastics Technology or equivalent; or, at least three years related experience and/or training.

Mechanically inclined as verifiable by transcripts, references, testing, or other approved methods.

Strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills as demonstrated in the context of the interviewing processes.

Licenses Required: None

Visual Acuity:
Near acuity and accommodation are required for reading machine dial gauges, blueprints, and precision measuring instruments used in the inspection of parts.

Hearing Ability:
Ability to monitor machine sounds to identify and diagnose changes in order to take appro-priate action.

Working Conditions:
Normally works in Quality area. Occasionally, the employee is subject to:
– high noise levels from operating machines
– physical hazards from moving equipment and machine parts
– breathing fumes, dust and mist
– skin exposure to oils and cutting fluid

Physical Demands:
The employee is required to:
– stand, walk, push, pull, reach overhead, and bend to the floor.
– exert up to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or exert up to 20 pounds of force
– (may) be required to lift up to 75 pounds.