Machine Operator

JOB TITLE: Machine Operator

REPORTS TO: Production Manager


Responsible for operating and tending metal or plastic molding, coremaking, or casting machines to mold or cast metal or thermoplastic parts or products.


-Operate metal and plastic molding and casting machines.
-Mold and cast metal or thermoplastic parts.
-Design and develop new molds, molding processes, techniques, process
improvements and cost reductions.
-Develop and document manufacturing instructions and data sheets.
-Operate compression or injection molding machines.
-Mix catalysts and coloring pigments.
-Operate mixing machine.
-Repair and maintain machines.
-Cut off excess material.
-Grind scraps into powder.
-Read specifications to determine setup and prescribed temperature and time settings.
-Pour product into mold.
-Remove cured product from mold.
-Inspect products for surface defects and flaws.
-Ensure conformance to specifications.
-Position and secure assembled mold and mold components.
-Put dies into machine.
-Coat dies with parting agent.
-Eliminate production of defective parts and products.
-Weigh compounds and pour compounds into die well.
-Fill machine hoppers.
-Regulate molding temperature, volume, pressure, and time.
-Activate machine to inject dies.
-Attach connecting lines.