Why Choose Plastic Injection Molding?

Why Choose Plastic Injection Molding?

There are many advantages of plastic injection molding when compared to other forms of molding. The main criteria for plastic injection molding is to mold precise, high volume components that fit perfectly when assembled.

There are also many forms of plastic molding that can produce industrial parts. They are rotomolding or rotational molding, compression molding or vacuum forming and blow molding. To understand why industries use plastic injection molding rather than some of the above methods, we have to look at the concept and design criteria of the product to assess the benefits.

High Volume Precision Production – Production of thousands of precision parts per hour depending on number of mold impressions in the tool itself. For many commercial products this is a critical requirement. Cycle time can be between 15 to 180 seconds for each cycle run depending on size of the injected part.

Low Labor Costs – A production line normally only needs one personnel to do the trimmings. For some companies they have several production lines running into a finish area where there are only two or three personnel doing the finishing touch-ups. Direct labour costs is only two personnel at most. One to put in the material and start the machine and one to do the trimmings.

Design Flexibility – Almost anything can be designed for injection use, whether large or small. The part size only dictates the size of the machine tonnage to be used during injection.

Low Waste  Trimmings from finished products are re-used or can be sold as by-product.

At Chemplast we encourage our customers to reach out to us with their inquiries about plastic injection molding so that they can make a better informed decision on what manufacturing process best suits their needs. Located in near Houston, Texas Chemplast serves a variety of customers in the cities of Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.